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Payment Information

Pay Online

Many of the insurance companies that Watkins & Keyerleber represents can receive payment transactions online. Click Online Service to find out your options.

Mail Payment

Payment envelopes are usually provided with your bill to allow you to mail your payment directly to your insurance company. Make sure to send you payment several days ahead of your to due date to insure your payment is received on time.

Call in Payment

Many of the insurance companies that Watkins & Keyerleber represents also can transact payments over the telephone. Go to Insurance Company Contact Info to find a toll-free service number for the company you have a policy with.

Pay in Person

Watkins & Keyerleber can accept payments made in person at the offices during business hours. Payments cannot be slipped under the door or taped to the window. Go to Directions or Business Hours for more information.

Down Payments

Down payments to start new policies must be sent to Watkins & Keyerleber. You can mail your down payment or make it in person. See W&K Contact Info for our mailing address.

Late Payments

Late payments are not always accepted and donít guarantee that your coverage remains in effect. If you know your payment is going to be late, contact your insurance company directly or call Watkins & Keyerleber at 1-800-321-4627.


What if I lost my payment envelope?

If you lost your payment envelope, you can find a mailing address for your insurance company at Insurance Company Contact Info.

What if I lost my bill?

To find out what your bill is for and when it is due contact your insurance company directly or call Watkins & Keyerleber at 1-800-321-4627.


Policy Information


To cancel your policy youíll need to sign a cancellation waiver. Call Watkins & Keyerleber to have a form mailed to you or stop by the office. Weíll need your policy number, requested cancellation date and time, and your reason for canceling.

If your policy has been canceled for non-payment or for underwriting reasons by the insurance company, contact Watkins & Keyerleber as soon as possible to make arrangements for new coverage. Call 1-800-321-4627.

Policy Changes

Need to add a vehicle or a driver? Want to increase the coverage on your home? Have you changed your address? For prompt, expert service call Watkins & Keyerleber with your policy changes and requests.

Some insurance companies can accept changes directly online or over the phone. Visit Online Service or Insurance Company Contact Info for more information.

SR22 Bonds

Ohio and other states require a SR22 Bond before they will release a drivers license from suspension. Watkins & Keyerleber can easily and affordably help you meet this requirement and get back on the road.

ID Cards

Ohio and other states require drivers to carry insurance identification cards in their vehicles, and law officers may ask to see this identification at any time. Failure to show insurance id cards could result in a driver being cited for driving without insurance.

Request ID Cards

If youíve lost or misplaced your insurance id cards, you can request a new set by calling or by completing the form below. 
Policy Number:

Claims Questions

What can I expect from the claims process?

Watkins & Keyerleber and your insurance company will work with you throughout the claims process to provide responsive, helpful service.

As soon as youíve reported your claim, you will be assigned a claims number. Write this number down. Youíll need it if you need to follow up on your claim.

An insurance company claims representative will contact you and begin the claims resolution process.

Your claims representative will keep you updated on your claim. Most claims are settled in a matter of days or sooner. Some require working with other insurance companies and sometimes an in-depth review of your claim and can take longer to settle.

If you have questions or difficulty reaching your claims representative, feel free to call Watkins & Keyerleber. We can get answers to your questions and help you to resolving your claim.

What to do if you have an accident or a claim?

Most insurance policies come with explicit instructions on what to do if you have a claim. You should review these instruction and be prepared to follow them in the event that you need to report a claim.

The first thing to do, however, to make sure everyone is okay. The physical well-being of you and others is most important.

After determining the everyone is all right, the next thing to do is to secure the scene as best you can. If youíve had an accident, turn on your hazard lights or set flares to warn other motorists. If your house has a hole in the roof, try to cover the hole as best you can to avoid further damage.

Next, if youíve had an accident or have had a crime committed against you, call the police and report the event.

Contact your insurance company and report your claim. For fastest service report your claims directly to your insurance company. Most companies offer 24hr claims service and can receive your claim day or night. Your insurance company claims office will give you additional instructions and information to help you manage your situation.

Do not admit fault for your accident or discuss it with anyone other than the police, your claims representative, or your insurance agent.

Exchange information with the other driver. Write down the name, address, phone numbers and license numbers of all drivers and witnesses. Get the name of the insurance company and policy number for all drivers involved.

How do I find out the status of my claim?

Your claims representative will keep you updated on your claim. If you canít reach your representative you can contact your insurance companies claims office or call your agent at Watkins & Keyerleber. Youíll need your claims number.


Technical Problems

Watkins & Keyerleber strives to provide a technically functional and accurate web site for the use of our customers.

Should you encounter technical problems or errors on the Watkins & Keyerleber web site, please email or call 1-800-321-4627 to report the trouble.