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Optional Questions
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Smoke detectors Yes No
Fire alarm type
Deadbolt locks Yes No
Neighborhood Watch program Yes No
Gated community and security guard Yes No
Senior citizen discount (all occupants age 55 or above) Yes No
Smoke-free household Yes No

Your Coverage

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Replacement Cost
This is the cost of rebuilding your home at today's prices. It is not the selling price nor the market value. It also does not include cost of the land or other structures on your property.

Replacement cost (You may want to use the amount listed under "Coverage A" on your current homeowner's policy.)
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Coverage Preferences

Coverage A: Dwelling structure replacement (This is your replacement cost) $
Coverage B: Other structure replacement (Typical coverage limit: 10% of Coverage A) $
Coverage C: Contents or personal property (Typical coverage limit: 50% of Coverage A) $
Coverage D: Additional living expenses (Typical coverage limit: 20% of Coverage A) $
Personal Liability (Typical coverage limit: $300,000)
Medical Payments (Typical coverage limit: $5,000)
Policy Deductible
Business equipment coverage
Extended dwelling replacement cost coverage Yes No
Extended contents replacement coverage Yes No
Do you have any valuable possessions for which you would like to request additional coverage? Yes No

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Furs $
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Silverware $
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Fine Arts $
Stamp Collections $
Rare and Current Coins $
Personal Computers and Electronic Equipment


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